• January 2021; Community Stories – RGU academic launches bid to address STEMM crisis


• 29 September 2020; Membership – RSE’s Young Academy of Scotland (YAS)

• 27 April 2020; Community Stories – Adapting research to a post COVID-19 world

• 3 October 2019; OGIC views: Scotland’s great opportunities for oil & gas innovators

• 2 May 2019; OGIC funded project case study (CorrosionRADAR with RGU)

• 30 April 2019; Delighted to receive recognition of significant contribution to EPSRC Peer Review & achieved a ranking in the top 6% of College members for participating in peer review activities

• 10 December 2018; Delighted to be part of 28 startups, selected to join RGU’s new Startup Accelerator
As reported in a Newsletter of the Materials Research Society (Volume 18, Issue 16, August 2018) about a recent review (Future of nanoindentation in archaeometry), awareness is being raised for the use of nanoindentation at various world heritage sites as well as various museums.

Well done to Jordan Davidson, a recent MEng graduate of RGU who has won a top industry award (from NAFEMS/IMechE) for his innovative project on cold spray coating simulation [Oct 2018]

Sharing success…

RGU Engineering students win IMechE Award [2018]


Read News highlight by STFC and our take on the application of Neutron diffraction for energy related thermal spray coating materials, Robert Gordon University in collaboration with Saudi ARAMCO, Heriot-Watt University, Alfaisal University [22 Nov 2017]

Star Award (Recognition Certificates & Awards – School of Engineering), RGU: Union student led teaching award, 15th May 2017

RGU Engineering students win IMechE Award [May 2017]

One of the most downloaded article (Oct 2017): Mohamad G. Droubi, Nadimul H. Faisal, Fraser Orr, John A. Steel, Mohamed El-Shaib, Acoustic emission method for defect detection and identification in carbon steel welded joints, Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 134, 2017, p. 28–37 (doi:


• IOM3 Approved Assessor, The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IMMM) [October 2016 – September 2019]

• Invited to be a member of the UK’s EPSRC Associate Peer Review College [23 September 2016]

• China-UK workshop on “Multidisciplinary Issues of Wind Turbines in Cold Environments” Mianyang, China Aerodynamics Research and Development Centre (CARDC) [14 – 18 August, 2016]

• UK-India workshop on “Integrated Renewables for Autonomous Power Supply and Fuel Generation” University of Exeter, Penryn, UK [1-2 August 2016]

• Successfully elected as a professional member of The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (MIMMM) [1 March 2016]


• Successfully elected as a professional member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers & Chartered Engineer (CEng MIMechE) [12 November 2015]

• 25th most hottest article in the journal, WEAR, related to Suspension sprayed WC-Co nanocomposite coatings [11 November 2015]

• One of the figure selected for cover page of the journal [N. H. Faisal, R. Ahmed, S. P. Katikaneni, S. Souentie, M. F. A. Goosen, Development of plasma sprayed molybdenum carbide-based anode layers with various metal oxide precursors for SOFC (in print, Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, Sept 2015, doi: 10.1007/s11666-015-0315-2)]

• Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, 6th January 2015 [Certificate of Open University Professional and Academic Development (OpenPAD), The Open University, UK; 18th December 2014]

• Neutron beamtime by STFC/Engin-X lab, UK (RB1510238), February 2015


• 5th most downloaded article of the journal until December 2014; S. Goel, N. H. Faisal, V. Ratia, A. Agrawal, A. Stukowski, Atomistic investigation on the structure–property relationship during thermal spray nanoparticle impact, Computational Materials Science, 84, 2014, p. 163-174 (doi:

• 10-15th April 2014: Visited School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Queen’s University Belfast, UK to establish research network in areas related to molecular dynamics with Dr Saurav Goel

• 13th January 2014: Small research grant awarded by ‘The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland‘ to build research capacity in computational materials science


• 26th November 2013: Dr Saurav Goel from Queen’s University at Belfast visited Robert Gordon University to deliver invited talk and workshop related to LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Simulation and develop research collaborations

• 3rd November 2013: A student started PhD studies in an area related to characterisation of composite bond adhesive strengths for oil and gas processing applications

• 3rd June 2013: A student to start summer studentship for 8 weeks. He will be working on ‘Finite element analysis to assess the quality of thermal spray coatings using Vickers indentation’, sponsored by IDEAS Research Institute, Robert Gordon University.

• 12th May 2013: My first baby was born (a boy) through an emergency C-section procedure at the Aberdeen Maternity Hospital. Dad and mum were relieved to have a little man in the home.


• 30th May 2012: Article ranked 1 in top 20, Who Is Publishing in My Domain, BioMedLib; R. Ahmed, N. H. Faisal, A. M. Paradowska, M. Fitzpatrick and K. A. Khor, Neutron diffraction residual strain measurements in nanostructured hydroxyapatite coatings for orthopaedic implants, Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 4(8), 2011, p. 2043-2054

• Feb 2012: Featured in Advanced Materials & Processes, Vol. 7 (1), Feb 2012, p. 41; R. Ahmed, N. H. Faisal, A. M. Paradowska, M. Fitzpatrick, Residual strain and fracture response of Al2O3 coatings deposited via APS and HVOF techniques, Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, 21(1), 2012, p. 23-40


• 19th Dec 2011: Invited by the guest editor to submit a manuscript in a special issue; ‘Hardness across the multi-scales of structure and loading rate’ for publication; N. H. Faisal, R. Ahmed, Y. Q. Fu, Y. O. Elakwah, M. Alhoshan, Influence of nanoindenter shape on DLC film failure during multiple-load cycle nanoindentation, Materials Science and Technology, 28(9-10), 2012, p. 1186-1197

• 21st Sept. 2011: Received honorarium of £500 by Maney Publishing for writing an invited review; N. H. Faisal, R. Ahmed, R. L. Reuben, Indentation testing and its acoustic emission response: applications and emerging trends, International Materials Reviews, 56(2), 2011, 98-142

• 22nd June 2011: Two proposal accepted by Saudi Aramco, University Collaboration Program (UCP), Saudi Arabia


• 7th December 2010: Featured article published; N. H. Faisal, R. L. Reuben and R. Ahmed, An improved measurement of Vickers indentation behaviour through enhanced instrumentation, Measurement Science and Technology, 22, 2011 art no. 015703, 18pp

• 22nd June 2010: Invited for writing an invited review; N. H. Faisal, R. Ahmed, A review of patented methodologies in instrumented indentation residual stress measurements, Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering, 4(2), 2011, p. 138-152


• Nov 2009: Featured in Advanced Materials & Processes, Vol. 4 (4), Nov 2009, p. 68; N. H. Faisal, J. A. Steel, R. Ahmed, R. L. Reuben, The use of acoustic emission to characterize fracture behavior during Vickers indentation of HVOF thermally sprayed WC-Co coatings, Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, 18(4), 2009, p. 525-535