Some examples of presentations
• 1 July 2022, Materials and methods for hydrogen production through electrolysis at high temperature, National Subsea Centre & Robert Gordon University Hydrogen Group Webinar Series

• 30 September 2021, Hydrogen Rise (HyRISE) – overcoming the risks, RGU’s Runway to COP26 Webinar

• 26 February 2021, Residual stress analysis of thermal spray coatings, EPSRC NetworkPlus in Digitalised Surface Manufacturing (DSM) Webinar

• 11 September 2019, Detection and sizing of defects in adhesively bonded structures, IOM Aerospace Cluster Forum, Isle of Man, UK

• 2 July 2018, Neutron scattering study of strain behaviour of porous rocks subjected to heating and unconfined uniaxial compression, The International Conference on Modern Practice in Stress and Vibration Analysis (MPSVA 2018), University of Cambridge, UK

• 12 June 2018, Innovate with Interface: Partnering with universities and academics, in partnership between CeeD & Interface, Royal Bank of Scotland, 1 Albyn Place, Aberdeen, AB10 1BR, UK

• 28 March 2018: Auxetic structures for marine safety applications (rope, sandwich panel), The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST), Aberdeen Maritime Branch (AMB), Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK

• 31 January 2017, Acoustic emission techniques in corrosion monitoring, ICorr Aberdeen Technical Evening Events, Aberdeen, UK

• 12-15 September 2016, Dynamically mechanical and nano-impact (fatigue) analysis of touch screen thin films deposited on polyethylene terephthalate substrate, The 3rd International Conference on Structural Nano Composites (NANOSTRUC 2016), Aberdeen, UK

• 14 – 18 August 2016, Residual strength characterisation of adhesively bonded joints in wind turbine application, at China-UK workshop on “Multidisciplinary Issues of Wind Turbines in Cold Environments” China Aerodynamics Research and Development Centre (CARDC), Mianyang, China.

• 1-2 August 2016, Nanomechanical testing of renewable and sustainable energy related materials for improved performance, at UK-India workshop on “Integrated Renewables for Autonomous Power Supply and Fuel Generation” University of Exeter, Penryn, UK.

• 31 March – 1 April 2016, Indentation method to evaluate metal-to-metal adhesive bond residual strength, Proceedings of the 24th Conference on Computational Mechanics, ACME, Cardiff, UK.

• 24-26 November 2014, Development of porous plasma sprayed molybdenum carbide-based anode layers with various metal oxide precursors for SOFC, 6th Asian Thermal Spray Conference, ATSC-2014, Hyderabad, India.

• 1-4 July 2014, Development of plasma sprayed Mo-Mo2C/ZrO2 anode layer for solid oxide fuel cells, 11th EUROPEAN SOFC & SOE FORUM, Lucern, Switzerland.