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School of Engineering, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK (Jan 2013 – Present)

PhD/MRes Researchers & Team

In progress

Joshua Thakur [MRes Thesis: Design and development of new non-threaded drill pipe connector, as first supervisor with Prof James Njuguna, Feb 2019-Present]

Ebikapaye Petretomode (Jeffrey) [PhD Thesis: Geomechanical assessment of biocompetitive exclusion treatment in reservoir rock, as co-supervisor with Dr Gbenga Oluyemi, Feb 2020-Present]

Aslan Bulekbay [PhD Thesis: Develop method to predict formation breakdown pressure using machine learning and physical geomechanical modelling, as co-supervisor with Dr Reza Sanaee, Feb 2020-Present]

Haval Rostam Kukha Hawez [PhD Thesis: Coupled Geomechanical characterization of Transient multiphase flow at fracture-matrix interface in tight reservoirs, as co-supervisor with Dr Reza Sanaee, Oct 2019-Present]

Alasdair Crawford [PhD Thesis: Combined assessment and development of a novel diagnostic tool for condition monitoring of adhesively bonded sandwich structures, as co-supervisor with Dr Ghazi Droubi, Oct 2016-Present]

Obinna Iheukwumere [PhD Thesis, as co-supervisor with Dr David Moore, April 2020-Present]

Yakubu Bolagun [PhD Thesis: Novel numerical modelling of multiphase flow and heat transfer in porous media, as first supervisor with Dr Draco Iyi, Prof Babs Oyeneyin, Oct 2016-Present]


Ayman Mostafa [PhD Thesis: Laser induced fractures in porous media, as co-supervisor with Dr Mamdud Hossain, Feb 2017-August 2020]

Chrysantus Chikere [PhD Thesis: Novel graphene-based electrode materials for selective electrochemical determination of antioxidants, as co-supervisor with Dr Carlos Fernandez (first supervisor) & Prof Paul Kong Thoo Lin, Feb 2016-May 2020]

Kristof Starost [PhD Thesis: Characterisation of physicochemical properties of engineering thermoplastic nanocomposites, as co-supervisor with Dr James Njuguna, 2014-2020]

Collins Zorasi [MRes Thesis: Petrophysical and geomechanical characterisation of a marginal field reservoir in north central Niger delta, as first supervisor with Dr Sheikh Islam, Feb 2018-Sept 2019]

Anil Kumar Prathuru [PhD Thesis: Characterisation of composite bond adhesive strengths for oil and gas processing applications, as first supervisor with Prof Iain Steel and Dr Sha Jihan, Nov 2013-June 2018]

Research Visitors, Internship & Placement Supervision
– John Murray [MEng fast-track 2nd placement project, Wire based sensor design for corrosion monitoring & thermal spray masking sheet design, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, 18th June to 31st August 2018]
– Josef Hlinka [Project: Corrosion properties of aluminium, 27 August – 31 August 2018, Technická univerzita Ostrava, Czech Republic]
– Sam Jones [MEng fast-track 2nd placement project, Thermal spray residual stress, mooring system, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, 5th June to 18th August 2017]
– Josef Hlinka [Project: Corrosion properties of anodized titanium, 13 September – 20 October 2016, Technická univerzita Ostrava, Czech Republic]
– Jordan Davidson [Project: Smart bandage + Microbial fuel cell + Corrosion, 1 June – 31 August 2016, Robert Gordon University, UK]
– Kevin Chabrier [Project: Microbial Fuel Cell, 4 April – 10 June 2016, Departement Mesures Physiques, IUT Clermont-Ferrand, France]
– Dr Sharad Shrivastava, Rohit Upadhyaya [Thermal Spray, Summer 2015, BITS Pilani, India]
– Mael Helbert [Project: Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy of molten anode solid oxide fuel cell, 13 April – 19 June 2015, IUT Le Mans – Universite du Maine, France]
– Robin Genty [Project: Acoustic Emission testing, 14 April – 11 July 2014, IUT Le Mans – Universite du Maine, France]
– Stuart Spence [Project: Finite element analysis to assess the quality of thermal spray coatings using Vickers indentation, 3 June – 28 July 2013, Robert Gordon University, UK]

Semester 1 [September – December]
EN2701: BEng/MEng – Mechanics of Solids (Torsion, Stresses in Beams, Strain Energy) [Lecture]
EN2703: BEng/MEng – Mechanical Engineering Design 1 (MATLAB, SolidWorks) [Tutorial] (2013-17)
EN4600, EN4604: BEng/MEng – Honours Project (Engineering) [Supervision]
EN4701: BEng/MEng – Failure Analysis (Creep, Theories of Failure, Fracture Mechanics) [Lecture, Module Coordinator]
EN5601: MEng – Group Project (Engineering) [Supervision]

Semester 2 [January – May]
EN1701: BEng/MEng – Introduction to Design, Materials & Manufacture [Lecture, Module Coordinator] (2013-18)
EN2500: BEng/MEng – Dynamics [Lab] (2012-13)
EN3501: BEng/MEng – Engineering Analysis 1 (Stress Concentration, Fatigue, Buckling, Cylinders, Rotating Components, Plates) [Lecture/Lab, Module Coordinator]
EN3600: BEng/MEng – Group Project (Engineering Stage 3) [Assessment]
EN3602: BSc Engineering – Integrative Engineering Project [Supervision]
EN5500: MEng – Engineering Analysis 3 (Vibration Instrumentation, Dynamics, Modal Testing, Frequency Response Function, Signal Processing, Finite Element Analysis) [Lecture]
ENM232: MSc – Processing and Pipelines (ENM232) (Tubing stress; Pipe design principles, codes, standards; Design factors, loads and buckling) [Lecture] (2017)

Semester 3 [June – August]
EN5500: MEng (Fast track) – Engineering Analysis 3 (Vibration Instrumentation, Dynamics, Modal Testing, Frequency Response Function, Signal Processing, Finite Element Analysis) [Lecture]
EN4601: BEng/MEng – Pre-project Industrial Placement [Supervision/Assessment]
EN4604: MEng – Individual Project [Supervision/Assessment]
EN5600: MEng – Post-project Industrial Placement [Supervision/Assessment]

Other administrative duties or public engagement at the School of Engineering
• Research Degree Coordinator (Admission & Marketing): November 2017 – Present
• Placement coordinator – Undergraduate programs [August 2016 – Present]
• Admissions Tutor – Undergraduate Studies [August 2013 – July 2016]
• Co-ordinator – Undergraduate Marketing (RGU’s School of Engineering) [March 2014 – July 2016]
• Internal Moderator – Undergraduate Modules
• Module Co-ordinator – Undergraduate Modules
• Member of Moderation Panel – Industrial Placement Modules
• Member of Undergraduate Assessment Committee and Board Meetings
European Coordinator of Erasmus [2013 – 2016]
• Project Supervision/Advisor

College of Engineering, Alfaisal University, Riyadh, KSA (Sept 2010 – Dec 2012)
ME312: BS – Mechanics of Materials II, ABAQUS finite element analysis [Lecture]
ME205: BS – Introduction to Computer Aided Design, Solid Edge modeling [Lecture]

Mechanical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK (Sept 2009 – Mar 2010)
• MSc Biomedical Engineering (Materials & their Biomedical Applications) [Lecture]
ME105: BEng/MEng – Mechanical Engineering Design [Lab]

Mechanical Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK (Oct 2004 – May 2009)
BEng/MEng – Statics & Dynamics, Strength of Materials; Strain Measurement of Metal Sheets; Tensile Testing of Metals; Process Planning; ABAQUS finite element analysis; Co-supervised 8 students in their final year research projects [labs, tutorials, assessments, P/T]

Basil Paterson Tutorial College, Edinburgh, UK (Oct 2006-May 2007)
• Tutor in Physics/Maths for SQA/GCSE/A-2 School level exams (P/T)